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Kid Painting


AGES 6 WEEKS TO 12 MONTHS. These special little ones interact with teachers and play with clean, safe toys! We have scheduled feedings according to family schedules for continuity. Our staff is trained to help individual development with lots of story time! We have no more than four infants per two teachers to ensure the best care.

Cute Baby Crawling


AGES 24 MONTHS TO 3 YEARS. Safety is key in our classrooms! We build on early concepts of learning and provide handouts for little fish to work on. Follow along in their progress with individualized teaching. We use skits, singing, and centers to effectively exceed developmental milestones.  We let your fish's imagination be the guide to discovering the world around them!

Nursery Play


AGES 12 MONTHS TO 24 MONTHS. It's never too early to start leaning shapes, colors, number and letters! We follow along with fun stories and songs to establish interactive learnging. Our minimal montessori setup allows each child to learn without being over-stimulated. We use clay and hands on sensory tools to reinforce every lesson. Outdoor play is key as we learn to socialize with peers!

Asian Boy


AGES 3 YEARS TO SCHOOL AGE. Safety is key in our classrooms! Using the Advanced Abeka Curriculum we teach biblical concepts while learning. Shapes, colors, numbers and literacy have never been so fun! All children will explore with hands on crafts, painting, and molding. We maintain small class sizes to ensure each child develops emotional and social skills at their own speed. Outdoor play allows fish to get the wiggles out while exercising!

Art Class
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